Although the ladies’ team has lost a few players this season it’s been really good to welcome some of the SquashGirlsCan and Improver players into the team, who’ve been great (and who have made sure that we’ve been able to field a full team every week). We’ve also had plenty of support on the balcony!  

So far this season the Ladies’ team has played 5 and won 2 matches, including some close games.  

You can follow the progress of the ladies’ team at the Cheshire Ladies Squash League website.  It’s worth noting that the Ladies’ team is currently higher in their league than ANY of the general teams!

Key times in the weekly club calendar for women’s squash are:

  • Women-only training 4-5pm on Sundays
  • Women-only social squash session 5-6pm on Sundays
  • Ladies’ team night on Monday evenings

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